If you have a grandchild or grandchildren living with you, or desire that your grandchild or grandchildren come to live with you, the legal implications of this arrangement must be considered. 

Consider theses questions. Are you authorized to register your grandchild at school? Can you make medical decisions for them? Can you get them health insurance? Are you obligated to pay for clothes and all other necessities? Are either or both parents obligated to financially contribute to the child's care?

What legal issues affect my grandchild and me? There is no simple answer to this question. It will depend on the needs of your family. Were the children removed from their home because the parents are unfit? Is the Department of Social Services involved? Are the parents visiting the child? Has a parent died? Are there substance abuse problems?

Just because you've taken your grandchildren in doesn't mean you have the right to make legal, medical, and educational decisions for the child. South Carolina law allows grandparents to seek visitation or custody in specific situations. If court action is necessary, the court's paramount concern will be to determine what is in the child's best interests. 

We can discuss the legal implications you must consider when your grandchildren live with you. Call our office so we can schedule a meeting and discuss your legal rights as a grandparent.